The DotaCinema Arena is an internal matchmaking system created as an alternative to the one currently in-game. This system is aimed towards those that want a deeper solo, duo, and team queuing experience. This does NOT require a 3rd party client. The official Dota 2 matchmaking still has its merits, such as the convenience factor and random item drops. Our system will require some additional work from those participating, but in the end should provide a much more rewarding experience for players at all skill levels. This is due in large part to the fact that statistics will be publicly available for everyone to see. This, along with the karma system, will incentivize players to be better teammates and be respectful towards the enemy.

Compendium Match

Of the proceeds obtained from this Battle Pass will go towards the tournament prize pool. Minimum games played. Available options are.

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DotaCinema is a website that focuses on providing a large variation of Dota 2 videos, featuring both user-submitted clips, as well as internally made content. Dota 2 Reporter : A comedic animation series about a news reporter discussing the events of a game of Dota, while interacting with a chosen team. The series makes references to Dota gameplay and the public matchmaking experience. The series is uploaded in seasons, with every second episode being released on the creator’s channel, Wronchi Animation.

Fails : Short minute-long clips showcasing a single fail or funny moment without commentary. Fails of the Week : Similar to Top 10 Weekly, these videos are a weekly compilation of user-submitted clips. Rather than showing impressive clips, however, this series displays players making often humorous or otherwise unfortunate mistakes. Headshot : Video series showcasing skill shots without commentary. Created by Wme. Symphony of Skill : Video series showcasing team synergy without commentary.

New Dota 2 matchmaking update focuses on high-level players and those in groups

The update adds a new rule that any group with a player at Immortal rank or above will have every player treated as the same rank as the highest-ranked player. In light of the changes to party matchmaking mentioned above, Valve has reduced the acceptable MMR spread within a party from to to make it easier for groups with high MMR disparities to find compatible opponents.

The reduction in acceptable MMR spread is only applicable to ranked matchmaking however, as Valve admits they are still tweaking the system. Another big change coming with the update is a stricter ruleset for matchup combinations between parties and solo players.

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For the love of god, I beg you, improve matchmaking system according to level or quantity of wins, or at least that you can choose not to fall into the same game any specific player. Blaha It might be me, but I’m under the impression that support player in general don’t complain about the mms as hard carry players. So a lot of the people going into a game will pick carries and just hope sombody is going to cover the other roles.

And the majority of the times Its just far more often that it happens to be a bunch of carries than a bunch of INT. The system will find 10 players and try to find 10 players as close to eachother in MMR as possible, then balance the accumulative average of each teams MMR. Sometimes the difference in the MMR on teams is high, especialy in group queues and it skews games to an undesirable level. Skills build? I think it needs no more proof to say that this matchmaking is unbalanced.

And best part in DotA 1 was that banlist and ranking system were separate, so you can play with ranking system but remove all trolls and leavers. On banlist you could get by: AFK, leave, troll or other with commend like this “player XYA is [flamer, team killer and feeder] he goes 1 vs 4 attacking alone enemy from their side of the map and brings enemy to jungler helping them to win. I’ll have 1 normal game out of 5. This discussion started back in the beta and is still on going.

All the complaints have fallen on deaf ears.

Compendium Match

Dota 2 Server Status. They are also working a lot of maintain the server and also updating frequently. GW2 Server Status. Not only is this a massive step for Dota 2 players, but for gaming in this country as a whole as it places South African gaming on the gaming map.

Dotacinema matchmaking. ➡ ♥♥♥ Link: Dotacinema matchmaking. He can keep that place but he needs to make some changes. So I would go for the Team​.

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Youtube Channel Subscriptions for Dota 2 Players

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It is currently in Beta. The goal of this custom game is to create a casual, stress-free environment for those that are looking for an alternative to the regular grind of ranked Dota 2. Whether you’re a veteran player, or someone who stopped playing Dota a long time ago, or have never even played Dota before, we want this to be a welcome experience for all. Maybe an in-system ranking instead of arbitrary matchmaking?

As the mod grows this definitely would be great to see.

Dota 2 party ranked matchmaking – Is the number one destination for online While get the new to partake in some ranked matchmaking dotacinema dota 2 ihl​.

This article was originally published on GameSpot’s sister site onGamers. We have a new large bundle for Pudge from the DotaCinema team that adds new spell icons, particle effects, multiple alternative styles and a loading screen. The head piece contains a special gem that tracks the amount of games you have played with the set active. The custom rot effect leaves behind a trail of rats, earwigs and other little creatures. A new red coloured ambient effect will also surround enemies who get hit by the rot.

A new notification is now in the game that will trigger for the best Dota 2 players in the world. You are one of the best Dota 2 players in the world. To be eligible to appear on the world leaderboards , you must enter your official player information. It should be recognizable to players throughout the world, and should not include any team or sponsor affiliations.


DotA 2 is undeniably one of the best online games to hit the market. It has proven to be most successful than its prequel DotA. And up to this date, the game continues to attract new players from around the world. From fan pages to groups, it also has taken social media by storm, mainly the famous video-sharing site, Youtube.

The series makes references to Dota gameplay and the public matchmaking experience. The series is uploaded in seasons, with every second episode being​.

Dota 2 Server Status. Our Dota 2 server is not responding. When it comes to the Dota 2 server status down the most unpleasant one would have to be when the game is offline and unplayable. See if Dota 2 is down or it’s just you. View the complete Dota 2 profile for Liquid. Hire a crew and destroy your rivals in this new strategy battler set in the world of Dota.

Or probably, people are being superstitcious when Valve might be busy updating Dota 2 servers.


Dota 2 has been updated with its first new hero in six weeks. Rigwarl the Bristleback is the phlegm chucking pig-hedgehog thing in question. He’s kind of what I imagine a dark, gritty reboot of Sonic the Hedgehog would look like. Except yellow.

Dotacinema matchmaking. ➡ ♥♥♥ Link: Dotacinema matchmaking. He can keep that place but he needs to make some changes. So I would go for the Team​.


Matchmaking Episode 9 – SUNSfan & syndereN