Top definition. The people you pick on in high school and wind up working for as an adult. The geeky kid now owns a million dollar software company. Aug 18 Word of the Day. Are they a girl or a boy? Neither , they’re an enby! One who passionately engages in one or more things to extreme levels. A commonly ascribed term to people in the field of computer programming, but one does not have to be in a technical field to be a geek. The only criteria is an intense level of interest in something, often to a highly specialized degree.

The Cool Guy Vs. The Nerdy Guy: Dating Pros And Cons

Dear Polly,. In high school and college, I was the archetypal nerd. Before this was cool. I was fat, I had few friends, I had obsessive interests that no one shared. And girlfriends?

I’m not saying the sex would be boring, that all depends on the nerd. get unimaginative answers, if you want interesting things to talk about, date a geek.

TLC recently aired Geek Love , a two-episode special about a speed-dating event at the New York Comic-Con, geek-oriented online dating sites are popping up like crazy and movies love the idea of the geek in love with the popular girl. A deal-breaker even. Being alone makes them special and they revel in their pain. Can you be a geek and still get some action? The most obvious answer for geeks who are looking for love is to date other geeks.

After all, who better to understand your hobbies than a fellow geek? You can bond over your love of video games or Star Wars or Dr. Problem solved, right? Overweight and slovenly. Alternately, painfully underweight and lacking any muscle-tone whatsoever. Bad skin.

10 Ways to Flirt with a Nerd

Rather, it may be more appropriate to say that being a geek is now trendy and commercial , meaning that the same people who once looked down upon others for their geeky and time-consuming interests now wish they had them. In fact, when I inquired about blogging for the team here, they were excited to have a non-geek on board. One of the first ideas that popped up relating to article ideas was one presenting a perspective of a non-geek who was in a relationship with a geeky guy. It took two seconds for me to roll my eyes.

Being objectified and stereotyped, and dehumanized in the process, is not strictly a topic for frustrated feminist rants.

These are just some of the perk of dating a nerd. Now I’m going to mention it one more time because it is so important: you need to display.

Questions may be edited for clarity and length, and may appear either in print or online. Dear Kiki,. I recently started dating a guy who is, by most measures, the perfect match. The only catch is, he is really, really nerdy. Not in the good way. Am I being shallow? Introducing a new beau to your crew is a big step — even bigger if you are a very social person and spend a lot of time in public with friends.

You might try bringing him out with a couple of your closest buddies in a smaller group, just to see how he fares. Finally, introducing your guy to your friends should eventually feel natural and make everyone happy. Little Village is an independent media company based in Iowa City. In print since , our mission is to create visibility for the communities, businesses and events that define our region.

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4 Important Things You Need To Remember When Dating A ‘Nerd’

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And the so called “nerds” out there can be some of the most fun dates. There are endless reasons why dating a stereotypically nerdy guy is a.

As a self-proclaimed and self-accepting nerd, it can be frustrating to be overlooked by women time and time again. However, we make great boyfriends if you just give us a chance. Nerds usually have a good vocabulary and we almost always know how to use it. We prefer to hang at home. If we start dating someone, it means we like you for you.

Trust me when I say that being with a nerd is like being in a judgment-free zone. A lot of times, we can pick up on your feelings a little quicker than other guys you may have dated. We offer free computer help. For the most part, this stereotype holds true. Quite frankly, most of us are just happy to have someone who likes hanging out with us.

We also have no problem making a commitment once the relationship gets to that point. Whoever said that chivalry is dead has obviously never dated a nerd. However, we are almost always kind and respectful of women. After all, a lot of us grow up playing video games about saving the princess, so I like to think we know how to treat a lady.

10 Signs You’re Probably Dating A Nerd

This opinion so cold Mr. For anyone. People are complicated and attraction is a random mix of chemistry and compatibility. Plus everyone is looking for something different in a partner and relationship, and those somethings can change at any moment.

A nerd is a person seen as overly intellectual, obsessive, introverted or lacking social skills. The date was picked as it is the anniversary of the release of Star Wars: A New Hope. An episode from the I’m a Nerd!’: Hegemonic Masculinity on.

I blinked hard when I saw it was going to be a segment on Access Hollywood. The well-spoken-token has gone from an indie rapper with credits on 30 Rock and Community to full blown celebrity status after his Golden Globe win for his FX show Atlanta. The weird nerdy black kid of the rap world is even playing Lando Calrissian in the new Star Wars movie. For longtime Donald fans, this feels like a win for Black nerds across the board.

But the rise of Black nerd culture has also brought light to issues within the Black nerd community, specifically concerning men. I asked one of my Black female followers to share her experience with Black male nerds with me:. Plus, he asked me could I twerk, so I just felt like an object at that point.

All of these odd views on interracial dating have for the most part gone unchecked by Black men, and when Black women do bring it up, they break out their tried-and-true defense:. And how many times have you seen this comic floating around the internet? The media representations of Black Masculinity are dichotomized; the more athletic or hyper aggressive they are, the more widely accepted the person.

Because of this, the general consensus for the longest time has been that being a Black nerd was not an ideal form of Black Masculinity. But the world has changed. Michael B.

10 Reasons Why Nerdy Guys Make Better Boyfriends

Nerdy men are hot right now. IT guys? These guys not only prefer brains over vanity, but they are also the ones with the big bucks, as they tend to be in high-paying industries.

But Loretto’s statement bugged me for other reasons: I’m just really sick of “nerds” still being set forth as idealized relationship partners. “Date.

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