Since its opening in , the hotel has been dedicated to engage the Tai O community and promote heritage and culture conservation. Traditional Chinese marriage rituals and folk customs of Tai O fishing village were introduced to all weds-to-be, inspiring them to embark on a romantic voyage, symbolising the fulfilling journey of love at this Wedding Interlude. Century-old fishing village Tai O witnessed hundreds of thousands wedding couples to tie their knots with elaborate folk rituals and processions that took place for two to three days. The groom used a paper fan to mock as three ‘knocks or reminders’ on the bride’s head, signifying the blissful messages of health, marital piety and giving birth to new kin. Pre-wedding photographs of Corinna and Eddy taken by renowned wedding photographer Chan Kit were displayed. All guests savoured the wedding menu prepared by the chef team of Tai O Lookout. Perched on a small hill of the waterfront sidewalk of Shek Tsai Po Street, the hotel is a sustainable wedding destination signifying timeless serenity and intimacy for celebrating memorable dream weddings.

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The new series consists of three videos, which are presented in the form of a sports programme, weather report and leisure programme. It also explains that since different scheme members have different investment objectives, they should take into account their personal needs and see if they need to increase their personal savings or make other investments for retirement.

Weather report This highlights the fact that the MPF is a long-term investment that usually lasts 40 years or more. Scheme members should therefore not get overly excited about short-term market fluctuations, or short-term gains or losses. They are advised to seek a balance between long-term investment risk and returns when deciding on their investment portfolio. Leisure programme This programme explains relevant income and the calculation for MPF contributions.

A NIGHT ON BROADWAY Dove Tales Theatre Company Date: Feb 01, Venue: Youth Square Y Theatre, Chai Wan, Hong Kong “All I Ask.

Even small change carries with it the power of making big changes. Carrie LAM as one of the officiating guests. LAM mentioned in her speech that the two major media in Hong Kong play an important role in raising awareness of the lessfortunate in society, at the same time highlighting how the warm-hearted Hong Kong people help raise money for them.

Director of Broadcasting Roy TANG stressed the more money raised, the more material support to the 20 charitiesthat will get money this year. This year, 20 charities in six distinct areas have been identified to receive OSC donations. Theirworthy programmes that OSC will support in this year are:. For more information about the campaign, donation methods, fundraising ideas etc. DAB channel It can also be found on internet archive radio3. Choose date. Name of Organisation. Project Title.

Strengthening Psychological Care for Traumatised Children. Association Concerning Sexual Violence against Women.

Let’s make this birthday one to remember.

Shuttle between a pair of adventure stories — one set in space, the other under the ocean waves — to learn from the characters about ourselves. Seeking a place to shelter, Little Moon travels the universe to meet different planets, but none seems to be ideal. Refusing to give up, Little Moon finally meets the Earth. They become good friends and decide to stay together.

Bride-to-be Corinna Chamberlain and her fiancé, Eddy were inspired to O Police Station, a history-steeped building that dates back to

Look back at the leading ladies of the s who made their mark with iconic roles and some major hairstyles, too. See the gallery. Since God created human based on his own image, the love story of thousands of men and women has been born. It consists of 12 independent units which composed from different point of view of the individual, family and social to explore the timeless life issues – love. Written by themoviedb. Movie – Quite bland.

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Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a one-year-old baby fell from a second storey window before being caught by two passers-by in China. The released CCTV footage [ A report published [ Cinemaxx has no connection to the German [ Indonesia is to see the launch of an integrated new film market in early

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Logan Paul reveals FouseyTube appear on Impaulsive. Vlogsquad’s Edits. Long story short, they are not in contact anymore and apparently they never will be. Quick links. Currently, David is in a relationship with actress Liza Koshy. Born in Riverside, CA 2. On this week’s show Jason went to Greece with Trisha, David took a trip to New York and is selling space on his vlog, and the guys cover some wacky news stories.

Unfortunately, this marriage did not last more than a year and ended in David and Jason are pissed because they had to record this episode twice Jason’s mic wasn’t on the first time , and Jason is uncomfortable because David looked up Trisha on Pornhub. Taurus

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Jessica Diane Seholm. Eric was born September 26, Husband And Wife.

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Dramatic footage has emerged of the moment a one-year-old baby fell from a second storey window before being caught by two passers-by in China. The released CCTV footage [ The young man in a Taiwan military uniform, a clear plastic bag over his head, stood before an array of paper tombstones along Ketagalan Boulevard in Taipei holding a sign [ Three films co-produced by Taiwan and Italy have finished shooting, the Taipei Film Commission said Wednesday, adding that it aims to hold international premieres of the [ A report published [ Cinemaxx has no connection to the German [

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The Star TV. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Eric Moo. Shia LaBeouf may be heading towards a role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe if a new rumor is proven to be true.

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Everyone around is crazy about Christmas including me. Magic time when dreams and hopes come to life. When it go to my dreams, as probably every young person, I dreamed about being famous. Of course he fluently speaks Cantonese which helped him to become a TVB station actor. Before he usually played British officials, chief of police, governer etc. Some sources say he is also a frequent YouTube poster, having his own prolific number of video clips of himself and his many colleagues within the Hong Kong media industry but beside videos of him speaking Cantonese I was jealous how good he is!

Gregory Rivers mentioned his reason for learning Cantonese was his association with Hong Kong Cantonese speaking friends during his time at university at the age of 20 years old. He can also speak and read in Cantonese, Mandarin and Cambodian — is there anyone of you who is not impressed by this? He eventually gave up his job in the information technology sector to become an actor, and was later signed on by TVB as an artist. Since entering TVB, he has acted in many different television series, participated in a number of advertisements, and been an emcee and guest for a lot of variety shows and company events.

His first professional singing performances were with The Kontinentals, and he continues singing, composing and recording to this day. His first and most famous acting job was in the Bruce Lee film Way Of The Dragon , in which he played a thug in a back alley. Lucky him!

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